From Stardom to witchcraft….

So ever since I got here, people have in general been very nice… or I should say that I was almost treated like a star. In Tana, like a newly elected Barack Obama, everyone wanted to be my friend, shake my hand, like a pope visiting, everyone wanted me to see their baby, like Lady Di visiting people would wave to me when I was standing on our balcony…. Like some Hollywood star people even wanted to take pictures with me. President Andreea, her holiness Andreea, Lady A…. what I can say once can get use to all this attention.

However, on Mondays is market day here in Betafo, and people come from everywhere, some even leave their homes 2 days before to get here. Betafo is a small village but to some of the people coming to sell their goods on Monday, Betafo is a big city. Many of these people come with their children who, like every other child, I sometimes go say hello….well the response is not always as positive, they don’t all seem to think of me as a start. Some of these kids have never seen a white person and just the sight of me makes them break out into tears. Where is the love???

Furthermore, there are tall tales about how white women sometimes steel children’s hearts to use in the witchcraft and how the white man once came here and took away all the fathers and brought them to distant lands to be their slaves….. So they yell Vazaha (stranger) at us like in Kindergarten cop. It’s an interesting feeling to be so physically different from everyone else.

PS: there is something wrong with and I can't post any pics.... but as soon as I can be ready!


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