Time to kill

Yesterday we had a great celebration for our Provincial sister
We sang, we danced, I did a little gym number..... we ate massive quantities of fatty meat or I should say meaty fat.... and made reservations to leave from Betafo to Majunga which is about "18" hours of Taxi-brousse.

The latest wec could get was 4AM, so this morning we gathered our energy and left woke up at 3:30, forced one of the sisters to wake up with us to open the door.
4:15.... nothing but of course we're working on malagasy time here so no panic...4:30
nothing... 5 nothing.... finally at 6AM we decided to make our way to Anstirabe and catch a connection to Tana from there. All was done in a relatively easy fashion.

In Tana we negociated a 30 000Ar ticket and shortly after realised we could have gotten it down to 20 000.... oh well. It's the price you pay for being white here.

The Taxi-Brousse leaves at 4ish which means 6 so here we are trying to kill time.

I have little inspiration to write considering I got about 5 hours of sleep in and we're looking at another 14 hours of taxi.

So i just wanted to say hi and wish everyone a nice day.

PS: to my gamine's, please one of you inform as soon as we become aunts!!!! (Ange Many I think it's more up to you since Anne Marie might be a little busy). AM I think of you and the belly every day, I love you both very much


  1. Have a great time gamine! And no worries about the belly, I'll let you know first thing when we become zias!!! =)))
    love you xox


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