My birthday

For the past few weeks, though very happy, I've been a little nostalgic for home with Anne Marie having a baby, Liz's Birthday.....the realization that by staying here longer, I will be missing Liz and Steve's wedding....(and I'm still so sorry about that).
Anyhow, I wasn't sure how I would feel about not being home for my birthday.... but as it turned out, I had a great day. Meggi and I woke up at 6, took a hot shower (which in itself is a blessing), she bought me a scarf because it's getting kinda cold here and then we went down for breakfast.

The sisters set up a little gift presentation at breakfast and sang happy birthday in french, english, malagasy. I got candy and a little icon of Mary and Jesus. After breakfast we wentto the 7AM church service (yes I went to church on a sunday at 7AM, by's the first time I go to church on my b-day). In church we sat with the girls and enjoyed the chanting.

I spent the afternoon doing homework with the girls and playing with the kids who all whished me happy birthday.

After dinner I brought cookies over to the girls and made a little speech in terrible malagasy about how special it was for me to be with them on my birthday.

After dinner, Meggi and I got drunk in our room on local beer and rhum and sent a few weird text messages home....and this morning I woke up hungover as everyone
should after their birthday. So I'm 28 and happy!

Thank you to those who texted me and called me (love you mommy and Many).

Un merci spécial à Seb pour la carte de souhaits, j'aime vraiment recevoir du courier ici, merci, et biensûr à Emma et Liam pour les deux plus belles cartes que personne n'aurait pu recevoir, je vous aime beaucoup.


  1. happy bday andreea!!!! i knew your bday was sometime around now! hope all is good and that you had a great day. nice pics!
    see you!

  2. happy Birthday, we miss you here.


  3. Happy Birthday my sweet, we miss you here.


  4. Happy Birthday Andreea, we miss you terribly but you look so happy over there. MUAHHHHHH

  5. Happy Birthday!!!... did you get our card?


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