Happy Birthday Liz!

Ok so this is the worst connection I've had so far but here I go....
Liz as I've said before aside from the little piece of iron on my little right hand finger, your friendship was one of the best things to come out of University.

From getting through exams, mech eng projects, programming asgns..... organising events that no one showed up to.... To being my dance, tennis, vacation, walking partner...and everything in between..... I don't know where my life would be if I didn't have you in it.

I admire the devotion and attention you put in everything that you do. You are one amazing chickie and I love you very much for it.

Have a woonderful birthday and I will make up for not being there as soon as I get home.

Muah and have a few extran drinks for me :)


  1. Hi chickie! Thank you for the birthday wishes! It's so strange to have to celebrate without you!! It's just not the same:(
    Love you, miss you,
    P.S. next year we'l be back to normal on the double birthday schedule!


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