things I miss

*please note that the title is things and not people I miss because it goes without saying that I miss everyone like crazy:

-my shower and shower head
-hot water..... running water really
-my bed
-my pillow
-my vaccuum
-washing machine
-vim in gel form
-Lanctancia skim milk
-hard cheese
-blue cheese
-kiwi martini
-I never thought i would but snow......
-the smell of my apartment
-the smell of my fabric softener
-Vim with extra clorox
-Jean Coutu
-St-viateur bagels.... hell even fairmount bagels
-Schwartz (the smoked meat.... and my old boss)
-Eggs benedict

PS: I might take an internet break for a few weeks or so... so don't worry if you don't hear from me
PPS: I love you guys


  1. Andréea, the list of things you miss are just material things, apart from the obvious people, and you will see them again soon. But you are not alone in Madagascar, you have kids that love you and I am sure that they show you every day in different ways and you make a difference to their lives as well. You might wonder if it actually makes a difference, YES it does, just by spending time with them, sharing moments, a lot of people don’t even have that. Love can change people and make them into better humans, and a lack of love can break people. I know very well what a lack of love can do (sorry for this last selfish comment).
    So yes keep on giving this love to them, it will make a difference without a dought.

  2. Miss you babe... I'm always wondering about you and how you're doing... be safe! xoxox

  3. here is the thing I miss.......YOU


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