No time because I'm on vacation!!!

The kids have exams next week so we, Meggy and I are off to the beach!
Our taxi-B leaves soon so I really can't write long.
I miss writing so I promise when we come back I'll put pics up and tell you all how it's going.
We're off to Morondava to see the Baobabs and the Tsingys.

I miss you all very much but I am happy here.

I almost feel guilty for how happy I feel, the children and the girls give me so much I think I get 10000000 times more in return than what I leave behind here. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I wake up happy every morning. I wake up at 6 just to wish the girls (the interns) a nice day before they leave.

I am the luckiest person in the world to be here.

I love you all very much and I promise to write soon but for now we're off on vacation and to live a little like "non nuns" for a week.

Seb et Raph merci de tout mon coeur pour la carte postale, elles est arrivée hier.Voici notre ad pour ceux qui veulent m'écrire, j'avais oublié c'était quoi recevoir un vrai courier:

EKAR Filles de Marie Auxiliatrice
B P 25
113 Betafo

A xxxxxx


  1. Sorry, I when to Wilensky's last friday... still the same crapy place and the same special ! but still the same taste.

    Later gator,


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