the Girls

We have 54 interns at our school. Some of these girls are part of the sewing and embroidery school and others are studying to get their Bac and move on to University.

The ages range from 13 to 22, they live here 24/7 and go home for major holidays. Most of these girls come from very difficult backgrounds.... I mean the sort of thing that would be too rash to see on Opera. Rape, abuse, abandonment..... You name it.

Their life here with the sisters is obviously nothing like a teenager's life back home. They study all the time, work in the garden, wash their clothes by hand.....and Every other chore possible. Yet of course they are still teenage girls and I have found myself completely in love with them, butterflies in my stomach and all.

I try to give them as much of my time as possible, for homework, anything from French to physics to geography..... Just not chemistry because along with rats I'm convinced it's the devil's doing. We do our nails together, braid our hair (I look like Cruela Devil with braids....but who cares), watch movies, go to the market.....

Some of the girls have a lot of potential if they can keep on studying which I will try to help with as much as I can from home.

I feel like I myself am a teenager when I'm around them. I love it!


  1. Gamine I just finished reading... You look so happy and content. You're glowing!!! hehe I wish I was there with you >.< I can't wait to see you. NOOooooonnnnn s'aiimmmmmme... I'm constantly wondering/thinking about you and hoping that you're safe 24/7. xoxoxoxox


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