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Of course there are things here that are very difficult to confront on a daily basis, the children starving, the poverty , the mall formation.... We have interns which are girls between the ages of 14 and 21 in boarding and every day I hear of another story of how one was raped and beaten by their father, uncle family friend.... I sometimes cry myself to sleep at the end of the day. There are days when I think that what I'm doing is useless and how it wont change anything in the long run....

Then there are days when I can't imagine doing anything else with ly life. As soon as I step outside, a heard of kids run towards me to shake my hand and say hello and hug me. Some of the older girls speak a relatively good French and we spend hours talking about life, or joking around, or washing our hair together.... Doing our nails. I feel so incredibly complete here.

I love the kids and LOVE the girls, I feel like I could give and do so much. I'm so happy I even wake up extra early just to wish the older girls (they go to the school next door) a nice days. I've totally fallen in love, butterflies in my stomach and all.

Of course a lot of this is selfish, in the sense that it makes me feel appreciated but I can't help the euphoria it brings me. I know for sure I will do this again and that I will return here one day to see my girls become successful young women and change the course of their life and the stereotypes of women here. If I could inspire one girl to focus on her studies and go to university, I would be forever grateful.

Words can't begin to express, the happiness I feel most days when the kids or the girls come up to me and tell me they love me. I grow weak in the knees. I am truly blessed to be here. In fact the sisters have asked me if I could possibly prolong my stay and help them until the end of the school year. Despite knowing the very important event back home I would miss, I am seriously considering it. Not say that I don"t miss home every day but....


  1. you're making me cry...
    You're amazing Andreea, keep up the wonderful work.


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