Twice per week I help the older girls with their homework. We have 2 sections, one are the girls from our CFP and the others are the girls from St-Louis.

The CFP focuses more on embroidery and the St-Louis girls study the equivalent of our sec 5 and 1st year of Cegep.

On Sunday with the CFP, I told the girls they can ask me questions in any subject so I got flooded with basic fraction addition and such which I could answer without problems.

Thinking I was all high and mighty, on Wednesday I told the St-Louis girls they could come to me with questions in any subject as well, thinking they were roughly at the same level as the CFP girls.... So what do they come ask me? CHEMISTRY!!!!

Yup, "mademoiselle, quelle est la formule de sulfate de magn├ęsium?" Um.... 2-2-2, flash backs on Marianopilos came rushing back... There are few things to which I will willingly admit that I cannot do, sing, program and chemistry.

However, suborn as I am, I'm like OK, this can't be I'm good in math in physics I gotta know how to do this ( because if I didn't know 10 years ago in school for sure I would now....) So this poor child had to watch me with my periodic table of elements and valence electrons and noble gases for about 15 mins as I tried to relearn or learn chemistry.... Another girl had to come up and explain it to both of us.

So this week I told them to come see me for any subject but chemistry and ooohh yeah. All I have to say is that I rule the block sliding down and inclined plane and chain rule. Yeah for mechanics and calculus.


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