a little exile

Since I've gotten here, every time something happens the first thing i think of is writing about it. When i was in the city, i was on the net every day writing on this blog and emailing.....

I spend about 3 hours on Mondays emailing home because i miss everyone so much and I haven't seen any of the city here because I'm on the net all day. Therfore, I may not email for a little while. I will still keep up the blog and i always love getting your comments.

It's not because i don't miss home, in fact it's because i miss home too much and it's keeping me from doing things here so I will take a very brief time-out.

Everyone take care of you
Love you very much


  1. We all miss you Andreea! Oh no chemistry!!! Take car of yourself! Love, Liz

  2. I'm sorry for my late texts... I keep forgetting I have to add 3 more hours to the time difference. MAAaaahhh... Mais I just miss you so much! xoxo Take in as much as you can from this experience. It will fuel the way you live countless years from now when you look back on this trip... I'm so happy you're doing this for you. =) Stay safe xoxox


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