I have to say that I am very much enjoying writing on this blog but i want to know if you guys like reading it as much as i like writing it?

When you hover over what i write and you have a minute leave me a comment so i know that people are actually reading it.

I love you all and think of everyone back home all the time

PS: Sorry about my spelling, in french and english, but most times i have to write and post very fast so as not to lose the connection and i hardly ever have time to re-read what i've written and the keyboard is different....and i'm an engineer not a writer :)


  1. Gamine, some weirdo logged onto your msn.. i knew it wasn't you since the replies were "normal."
    how funny is that...
    I'm like.. "t'es qui toi?"
    don't forget to log off! =)

  2. je peux pas ecrire pour les autres mais je te lis. Continu comme ca. (par contre je crois que les gens qui n'ont pas de compte google on de la difficulté a laisser des message... anyway)


  3. Hey legs, je te lis moi aussi.


  4. And by the way, I miss you!!:)

  5. hey andreea! i love your blog! it's a lot of fun to read and you make it really lively. it's like we're there with you AND the rats! :)stay clear of those! but if you get tired of eating just rice and beans....
    the pics are awesome and i can't wait to see more.

  6. Hi Andreea....long time no speak, i know, but I love reading my friend's travel blogs so i'm really enjoying reading about this whole other world. I think what you're doing is amazing and i hope that you keep writing about your adventures and everyday comings and goings :)
    (btw, i love all the "(I almost cried)".
    also, the Mormons (-1 weeks...-6weeks) made me laugh out loud. HIlarious.
    Take care babe :)
    - Arianne B.


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