So much to say

I think I would have to write five times per day in order to share everything that i'm going through.... ad the different keyboards here don't make it any easier.

At Schiphol i bought chocolate and a night anti-wrinkle cream because i think i'm starting to look old;

Flight 2 and Johannesburg airport

My second flight was 11 hours long. I slept most of the way and it was pretty uneventful aside from the fact that i was on a 747. I like the 2 floors, reminded me of the time we took one for a comp in europe and we went to warm up on the second floor because no one was there. (question can you apply a night anti-wrinkle cream during the day or will it have the opposite effect.)

Anyhow, on the plane i came to the conclusion that everyone in south africa was white and none of them looked like Leo Dicaprio in blood diamond. Soon after landing i confirmed that i was wrong (not about Leo but there are other than just white people in south africa). So no internet and i'm here for another 11 hours.

I have to say the airport is really nice in Johannesburg, too bad I can't go out and see the city.

Anyhow, everything was closed aside for this little cafe/bar at the other end of the aerport. So I sat at the bar, because a wise man once told me if you're ever bored it's all about sitting at the bar. For the first few hours i read, wrote in my journal, tried not to fall asleep when two gentlemen, two engineers sat next to me.

They were from Nigeria but worked in Angola in telecom. They were very interesting and even offered me a job (mom does Angola sound ok for you?). We spoke about the situation in which Africa finds itself now, colonisation, poverty, the evils of the west.... you name it.

One point which i felt was interesting was language, they were telling me how most africans attribute all the problems they have now to the west's interference so then i asked how they felt about the fact that now in Nigeria the official languge is english znd they had lost their mother tongue. This to me seems terrible but to them not so much, they said it was all a part of progress.....

One of the 2 men gave me 100USD for the children i will be working with. It almost made me cry. I have to say that preparing for this trip has given me new faith in the good in people. This man had no idea who i was, if i was lying.... not even my name really but all he needed to hear was that i was going to help children.

Our vision of the world is really only defined by what we are looking for because if you look for the bad in people you will find it and if you look for the good it's amazing how easily you can find it.


  1. Whaddup anti-wrinkle cream! lol

  2. Telecom people are nice... most of the time!...
    As long as you're not talking about their telecom network!...

    Well.. good to see you're moving along. :)


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