Throughout the years i have developped a love/hate relationship with religion for all the obvious reasons. I have always considered myself a person of faith, i have however, like many others, ruled out religion due to all the hypocritical behavior and actions of the church throughout history.

However, here in a small village in one of the poorest places on earth i have a new respect for people of faith.

Firstly, the sisters i have the honor to work with. These women have really given all of themselves for the children here and they do it so willingly and with such ease that one can't help but admire them.

This morning was my first religious service. We are not obliged to go but if we don't they through holly water at us and tell us we're going to hell..... (kidding). Anyhow, there is a service at 7am and one at 9am..... you don't have to wonder which one i went to :)

The church was full. Everyone in their sunday best and with children outnumbering adults 7 to 1 it felt more like an episode of Sesame street than church. The service here is lively with singing and dancing. The malagasy people are merry ans smile all the time. No matter how poor they are (and trust me they are poor) everyone gave to the church collection. The money is used to coordinate children activities and provide clean water).

I gave a few of the little girls candy, which they immediately went to share with their friends... it made me cry.... in fact everything makes me cry here.

I loved the church service and i've never felt so many eyes on me as that morning. I went for a walk in the village in the afternoon and everyone knew who i was! "Manaho Andria! bienvenue!"Again i almost cried..... I really have to stop doing that.

I wish i could share more with everyone back home, I miss you all very much.
Everything else is perfect, i'm eating well, sleeping well and feel very good.


  1. i'm glad that you're doing well and that you're eating lots! rice rocks! :)
    hang in there and try to hold back your tears!

    i checked out your pics and things seem quite cozy. at least you've got a western could have gotten the squatter type instead which is by far not so pleasant.

    so how many kids are you going to bring back with you? :P

    lots of hugs!!

  2. I know back in school we used to joke about your writing skills (or lack there of) but I can honestly say I am really enjoying your blog!
    You express yourself quite eloquently! The pics are very cute and I'm glad to hear you are safe. And the haircut!! WOW looks amazing! Too bad I have to wait 6 months to see it in person... stay safe and keep us updated! Muah


  3. Fuzzy glove, I miss you! Love your pics, keep updating them and think of trigger-happy-old me as you click away non stop! haha jk =p I'm imagining all these nuns like the ones at Regina but nicer and street smart with mad driving skills. hahaha
    I will write you before leaving for sure for more in depth comments, I really wish you were here this weekend... =(
    (Did you open all your letters? ^.~)


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