So if you have 2 twins and one travels in space at a speed greater than the speed of light after 10 years which one is fatter? No wait thats not what Einstein said, which one is younger? Cuz they would both be american so I guess both would be fat.....kidding.

I mean more how our perception is very relative. I came back to the city in order to apply for my visa extension, I am therefore staying with the sisters in Tana.

When i first got here last week I stayed in Tana for 2 nights and although modest, the living conditions are about the same as the budget hotels and hostels i stayed at in europe but after 'days in the country it feels like i'm at a 5 star hotel.

Don't get me wrong I prefer the house in Betafo and the lifestyle there but i won't lie things like having a toilet seat, running water, hot running water, electricity throughout the entire dinner..... is very appreciated.

Also, the best of the best, they have a washing machine! Yup in Betafo all laundry is lavé à la main les samedis, la journée des travaux. So there i was washing my clothes with the sisters outfits and then hanging them to dry......this is when i'm happy i left the hot pink boy shorts which say "Kiss me here" at home :)

Today I think I might actually take 2 showers!


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