last one today

I walked around town today and already I can't believe how much poverty exists here. Children barefoot everwhere, dirty with hardly any clothes on. It's sad beyond words.

The sisters told me that the people here do not typically die of hunger because of the solidarity which exists amongst the people. Despite that they are poor, the little they have they share with everyone and if one hasn't eaten in longer than another, they give him or her more.

I was told not to give to the people in the streets; that there are better ways of helping them and that flashing money around is a bad idea despite how safe it is here.

The people smile alot and seem very inviting, but it breaks the heart to see how they live...

Anyhow, I knew what i was getting myself into and i do feel blessed to be here. I miss everyone from home and I could really use a hug right about now.

I'm going to Betafo tonight and i will write again as soon as i have the chance.

It's sunny and 27 here today!

Love you all lots


  1. Hi chickie!!!! BIG HUGS!!! Sounds like you are already having a wonderful experience, but nonetheless difficult on the heart. Hang in there! BIG HUGS again, ooooooooo, Liz :)

  2. Hi sweetie,
    Your mom just called and I let her know that you're doing okay and briefly summarized your blog for her. =) She hadn't heard from you via email and didn't check your website so I think she was pretty worried. She knows you're safe and sound now and I told her I'd call her if you added anything on your website this weekend and keep her posted for any news from you. =) I'm on it! hehe Love you! So glad to know you're okay. muah! xoxox

  3. lache pas, c'est le fun de te lire.


  4. je pense meme aller te rejoindre.


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