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Yesterday, as i was walking to the Rova (Queen Ravalanova?? I's castle), i spotted and was spotted by 2 white ( i use the term white and black because that's how they refer to it here) "gentlement wearing navy pants and white dress shirts buttoned all the way to the top.

They then crossed the streets to come talk to me.
them: Bonjour/hello, you speak english?

me: yes, hello.

Them;: Nice! where are you from?

Me: Montreal

Them: "blank stare"

Me: Quebec

Them: "blank stare"

Me: Canada

Them: oh nice and what are you doing here?

Me: i actually came to do some volunteer work.

Them: oh right, we are also on mission here.

Me: well for sure, there's so much poverty here that we should all do what ever can.

Them: Um actually we are here to introduce god to the people....and specifically to the church of Mormonism

Me: ah

Them: yes for we think if the people here find God, they will be saved.

Me: I didn't know they had morons here.... I mean Mormons.

Them: well we're hoping there will be more soon.

Me: indeed let's hope, still though you can't help but be affected by the poverty here.

Them: Well it's not our area of focus so we can't say anything about that.

Me in my head: 'right so the naked baby drinking water from the puddle on the street is not a good indication'

Them: we really want to help the people find God.

Me: Strange, i thought they had, if you go to any church on Sunday, it seems pretty full to me.

Them: yes but there are still many people who have children without getting married first.

Me: Right, this is true I believe Dante has reserved the 8th stage of hell for them...right after the rapists and killers.

Them: huh?

Me: misaotra(sorry in malagasy) nothing

Them: huh?

Me: oh sorry i'm just practicing my malagasy.

Them: oh we havent been here very long, so we're not too good with the local language. how long have you been here?

Me: one week and you?

Them. 6 weeks.

Me: Ah.

Them: which christian organisation are you here with?

Me: I'm going to be teaching french at a salesian school but they are not a religious school focussed on conversion. In fact we have students of all backgrounds, protestants, muslims and non-believers.

Them: Really? but you're christian, you're wearing a cross.

Me: non i'm a non-believer, the cross was a gift. I believe in the good in people which is why i came here to do what i can.

Them: well can we give you one of our handouts? You might find it interesting.

Me: after talking with you, i think i'll take two.

Them: thats great!

Me: ok goodbye morons....sorry i mean Mormons.


  1. Ha ha oooo!! those morons or mormons I get confused.

    This is my first visit on your blog and I like it but where are the photos?


  2. LOL I've met a couple of "white" mormons in Korea too. TOUT FAIT. I was speaking English with my co-workers on the way to work. They asked me for my number mais j'ai quitte et dit: Sorry, I don't speak Korean.

  3. Next time, bring this shirt with you:


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