Saturday afternoon Sr Germaine and i drove to Betafo. Sr Germaine is an italian sister of about 50 years who has been here for the past 23 years . The road between Tana and Betafo is about 200kms which took us about 4hours. The roads are well maintained and the scenery is quite breath taking.

I was surprised to find that the sisters here are nothing like the ones at Regina who were great but strict, distant and to some respect even cold. Here however they are warm and welcoming and seem very concerned with my overall well being. They ask me if there are any foods i would or drinks prefer as if i were a guest in some 5 star resort. 'I'll have the Oso Bucco and a Kiwi martini please!'. sr Germaine and i spoke about everything and i mean everything from season fruit to religion to contraception! She's very bright and unconventional and open minded.... I alredy love her!

The head nun at Betafo is from Colombia and she can't start the day without her coffee which is awesome for me.

The house here is over 100 years old and has a great deal of old colonial charm. We ran out of power during dinner and i took a shower in cold water with a flow rate of 1g/hour..... I asked for something rural and rural is what i got :)

There are 2 other volunteers here, a girl from Belgium, Anne Dominique, and one from Germany, Meggy. They are 21 and 19 and all the sisters thought i was the same age as them :)

I have my own little room and so far everything has been perfect.

PS: Ange please make sure Many has ,y blog address and tell my mom to stop bothering you and not to worry, I've written to her twice and all she has to do is read my blog :)


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