Answers to everyone's comments

For some reason, probably my interet retardness i can't post comments to your comments so this seems to be an easier way.

Rico: It is the anti-wrinkle cream because i forgot it in Betafo and one of the nuns here thought i was 40!!!!!!!

Audrey/Liz: thank you for the hugs and the card you guys are too cute.... I cried a little :)

Steve: muah right back at you

Dumi: muah to you too

Frank: You wouldn't last a minute here..... it's quite dirty

Joe: YAY for no squatt toilet and yes we have rice at every meal and serves with everything.....even the water! there are 600 kids at Betafo... so that seems about right, you and René have some extra space right? Tell everyone at work i send hugs and kisses and will keep them updated on cGMPs here in Mad.

Lumpia: I have actually found a local person to shadow write for me (he was confused about the desk leaning thing....). I'm glad you're enjoying my blog, i always appreciate your compliments especially when it's about something other than my BB.... who am i kidding i love those the most.
Happy birthday by the way.

Seb: Je vais mettre plus de photos de mio quand je serai de retour dans mon village. J'aime la photo sur ton blog, je l'ai montrée à une des soeurs içi qui est de la Corée.
Gros Becs

Nat: See Seb for pics and tell the kids i think about them all the time.

Phil: U'd be surprised at the amount of used things people sell here. There's a local drink that you would really like, with made with avocado flavour, sugar and lime.... oh and the local strong stuff.

Ange: You're the best, awesomest ever and i love you. Be strong in the next few days and please text me the cell number you have for now so we can talk before you go.

AM and Many: you haven't posted anything but I still want to say that the movie i got on the plane was in english with dutch subtittles and the dutch word for NOW is NU. So there was a scene when this lady is like come here NOW! NOW! NOW! NNNNNNNOOOOWWWWW! I almost peeed in my pants. muah

Joycie? you there?

I love you all very much


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