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When British Climber George Mallory was asked why try to summit Everest he simply answered "Because it's there!". I love it, it's simple and to the point. We all have our reasons, some are simply there because why not? Others are freaks of nature (as in they like nature and not have a third eye or third something else a la Total Recall).

No matter the reasons, I think no one can leave this experience untouched, even unchanged in some very small way. For me, for reasons which may be obvious but have not mentioned, it was incredible. I woke up every day just happy to be alive and lucky for everything I could see and feel even if it was for such a short time.

And of course like any high, there is a low that follows it. Yesterday and today I had to say Ahoy to my adopted Czech family and like all goodbyes it makes you sad.

Also like every goodbye you think about home. Many people ask me why I left Montreal. Was I unhappy, was I searching for meaning in my meaningless life? And I always answer that I loved my life, from my perfect place in Outremont, to having people over for hockey night, or Sunday dinner or meeting perfect Mia for the first time… life was perfect. I think it’s sad that you need a reason to want to see the world and usually people associate it with something unhappy. Well for me there is no such thing, home makes me happy and although I’m having the time of my life I miss it.

Mostly I miss all of you. Making new friends is great, it opens your mind to new things and everything but it never makes you forget what you already have.
I think in general I’m a happy person and positive about life and it has a lot to do with the fact that I have incredible people in my life. So thank you all for everything that you bring to my life and even if I haven’t emailed in a while it doesn’t mean I miss you any less.

I’d give anything to go out for drinks with everyone tonight…Shall we say my place at 8? I’ll crock? Maybe brunch?


  1. "Meet you around 10:30am? Ummm.. on second thought, let's make brunch for 11am... Well,why don't we just get each other a call as soon as we get up? nue!"
    hehehe TTTTOUJOURS! Brunch at noon tout... lol
    Love you xoxoxox


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