The unemployed bums

Hi everyone! So around the table what do you do back home? or did?

I'm a Mech Eng,
I'm an Electrical eng
I'm a doctor
I'm a chemist,
I'm a lawyer....chemical engineer, financial

And how long are you gone for?
One year....maybe more
One year
Two years
18 months.....

So yeah it's strange when you think of people who just leave everything to travel you think hippies, well there are a few hippies as well which is fine of course, but in general it's professionals from every type of background who are just looking for something more in their lives. It's great to be honest.

So I've been in Luang Prabang 7 days almost, I was going to leave today to go North but last night we went out to dinner and I was convinced to stay and go mountain biking today, and mountain biking I did do! So tomorrow i think I'm going to head south where everyone else is going and this couple I met promised to give me rock climbing lessons :) I've made all kinds of friends and it's wonderful. Tonight we're all meeting up to watch a movie at this french cafe where they play foreign movies :)

I will take an Internet break so don't worry if you don't hear from me.
kisses to everyone


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